A Valentini Family Novel


Benajmin - Family Valentini Book 1: https://amzn.to/3bGq3rY

Over 10 millions pages read on Amazon.

Marked by a tragedy in their childhood, the Valentini brothers have drifted apart from each other for a long time. Benjamin, the oldest brother, had to go through a disappointment to understand that family is the pillar of everything and he needed to bring them all together again.
Although the task appeared to be difficult, he meets an ally for this mission, the young Rayanne, an insecure, unemployed, book-loving woman who has been hired to organize the library of the mansion and find the secret diaries from the matriarch of the family.
Among so many mysteries and secrets, family love seems to be renewed, as much as the love between a man and a woman from such different worlds.

Autora Mari Sales

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